Sales & Marketing

Once again understanding your requirements and current situation is key.

We help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting your customers needs at the centre of your company’s strategy.

The telecommunications industry is becoming more competitive by the day. Boosting your revenue requires a strategic approach to selling and the ability to become your customer’s trusted partner. It is wise to build alliances with vendors who can help you deploy the latest innovative telecommunications solutions.

International Wholesale VoIP

One of the big issues in the VoIP wholesale market is declining margins, with margins of 1-2% currently the norm.

This has seriously affected the marketplace and the cost of running the operations and switching solutions. CMW Consultancy has a wealth of experience in this market sector.

Including payment solutions, switching , customer relationships, Insurance and back room solutions.

VoIP Outsourcing

CMW Consultancy has developed an outsorced solution package available to small carriers and large carriers alike, International Wholesale Voice is a net cost on the business, CMW has developed a workable and profitable outsource capability for it’s carrier customers and as a result of this development.

With this knowledge and relationships built over many years you can not only cover your costs, but provide a viable and growing income line to the company bottom line accounts. CMW Consultancy has provided a fully managed service solution that will obtain a market position of strength for its customers and swiftly turn cost to profit.

We achieve this unique position by combining aggressive rates with a high quality, service driven environment that separates CMW from most of its competitors and giving us the ability to deliver highly scalable, cost-effective tailored and profitable solutions to high volume international telecommunications companies requiring global termination at extremely competitive rates. The knowledge and experience our team has gained in successfully delivering cross-border communications has led us to advise global organisations on the management of their entire telecoms portfolio.

Project Management

The understanding of your requirements and an evaluation process is to ensure the best solution, which can be implemented to satisfy your needs. Your communications requirements may require changes / updates from time to time for a variety of reasons

  • Customer analysis
  • Review of solutions
  • Partner assessment
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Project Management and the implementation of the project

CMW Consultancy have an international team of experienced engineers and consulting professionals prepared to take on customer assignments in this area