Funding Mechanisms

The 3 types of funding mechanisms most commonly applied are:

  1. Credit Enhancement via Collateral Asset acquisition and monetization,
  2. Secure Investment with predictable or even institutionally guaranteed performance, and
  3. One-off Capital Investment (Debt/Equity) by one of our Proprietary Fund partners with an appetite for certain types of projects/businesses.

For each type, there are several very credible, proven financial institutions at our disposal with each their own applicable entry-level requirements, with which we aim to match clients based on their specific needs, wishes, and financial capabilities.

Funding mechanisms are considered merely abstract tools used to resolve a client's funding requirement. However, looking through the eyes of seasoned financial specialists they are powerful financial engines that can be put into dozens of practical applications and structures with which our clientele can achieve their business and wealth management goals.

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Funding Mechanisms

Credit Enhancement — Collateral Asset Funding

Project owners who are able to purchase a Tier 1 bank instrument (SBLC) for credit enhancement purposes, can raise a credit line against it at their bank …

Direct Debt / Equity Financing

Through one of our various Proprietary Fund partners with an appetite for certain types of projects and businesses, very wealthy investors will be given the chance to review your project/business …

Secure Investment

The mechanism in question entails an investment-based funding and/or wealth enhancement structure based on the purchase and sale of bank financial instruments, whereby transactional risks are not levied …