The Telecom’s Market

The telecom’s market is continuously changing, so are our working environments and the style of working with Remote and Hybrid workers.

In addition to this, companies are dealing with inflation and ever increasing costs.

With this fluid working situation, technology is also changing and telecom’s requirements are not the same as in previous years.

There is an opportunity to improve technology and reduce costs.

At CMW consultants we have many years of experience in the telecom’s marketplace saving customers money and improving services.

A simple assessment of your existing contracts could reduce bills by substantially.

At CMW Consultants we would take the time to evaluate your existing contracts and check for any billing errors, looking for credits to save you money.

Understanding your hardware requirements, use of data, and telecoms strategy can be identified and improved.

We take a proactive approach in maximising your existing contracts and technology and make sure you as a customer are not paying too much.

An Overview of our Services

  1. Cost reduction and contract expertise
  2. Procurement – CMW can assist or manage your procurement process 
  3. Service Contracts and SLA’s
  4. Supplier Services – Tenders , RFP’s
  5. Strategy – Mobile, VoIP, IOT

Funding Mechanisms

Credit Enhancement — Collateral Asset Funding

Project owners who are able to purchase a Tier 1 bank instrument (SBLC) for credit enhancement purposes, can raise a credit line against it at their bank …

Direct Debt / Equity Financing

Through one of our various Proprietary Fund partners with an appetite for certain types of projects and businesses, very wealthy investors will be given the chance to review your project/business …

Secure Investment

The mechanism in question entails an investment-based funding and/or wealth enhancement structure based on the purchase and sale of bank financial instruments, whereby transactional risks are not levied …