International Finance and Project funding

Funding goals are often achieved faster, less complicated and more cost-efficiently.

Projects become Self-Financing, with little need to burn through equity and only minimal and temporary use of debt financing.

Secured Investment-based Funding structures can also be used as Private Wealth Enhancement vehicles, without project/business.

Efficient Funding Solutions

Through our seasoned financial specialist partners, CMW Consultants is able to assist qualified project owners with very efficient, tailored Funding Solutions to address their project/business’ capital needs.

  • Funding goals are commonly achieved faster, less complicated and less costly
  • A few months after activation of your project’s tailored funding structure, it may be possible to further enhance it to securely expedite the availability of development capital either in the form of lump sums or as monthly distributions.
  • Projects become de facto Self-Financing, with little need to burn through equity and only minimal and temporary use of debt financing.

A little background as to how:

Qualified clientele can be assisted with various funding solution structures depending on their needs, requirements and capability to meet applicable entry level requirements. These include:

  1. collateral funding structures through various Seller groups of Tier 1, cash backed collateral instruments, 
  2. extremely effective investment-based funding structures through a selection of Bank Trade Groups and Platform Organizations, where applicable with an institutional guarantee for the agreed funding in place to provide the project funding security, 
  3. equity/debt-based funding structures through any of our Proprietary fund partners with an interest for specific types of projects, and 
  4. combinations of these.

A full list of services

Our Team have a practical knowledge and understanding of today’s issues and working with banks on large projects, CMW Consultants have provided funding instruments for a variety of partners. Providing a full suite of services from SBLC’s , finance and debt restructuring, credit facilities, factoring and invoice discounting.

Projects include , Property Development, Agriculture, Renewable energy , Telecoms, Oil and Gas,

Funding Mechanisms

Credit Enhancement — Collateral Asset Funding

Project owners who are able to purchase a Tier 1 bank instrument (SBLC) for credit enhancement purposes, can raise a credit line against it at their bank …

Direct Debt / Equity Financing

Through one of our various Proprietary Fund partners with an appetite for certain types of projects and businesses, very wealthy investors will be given the chance to review your project/business …

Secure Investment

The mechanism in question entails an investment-based funding and/or wealth enhancement structure based on the purchase and sale of bank financial instruments, whereby transactional risks are not levied …