Secure Investment with Pre-Agreed, institutionally guaranteed return

The mechanism in question entails an investment-based funding and/or wealth enhancement structure based on the purchase and sale of bank financial instruments, whereby transactional risks are not levied on the client's capital and that, in case of investment principles of 10 million euro/usd and above, comes with pre-agreed returns with a third-party institutional guarantee from a major global Insurance Group for those returns.

Out of more than 20 credible Bank Trade Groups and Platform Organisations accessible, for the purpose of this structure, our specialists work exclusively with those that provide the client with a third-party institutional insurance guarantee in the form of a surety bond for the agreed returns.

After 3-4 months, the Asset Manager may suggest optional 'enhancement structures' the client can choose to implement in order to securely increase and accelerate returns/available funding.

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CMW's specialist partners are seasoned Asset Managers, who engage with qualified Clients directly to discuss and structure Client-tailored solution suggestions after receiving the Client's Formal Request via a General Submission Set.

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