CMW Consultants gathers initial information regarding the client’s request via a short Starting Information Form (SIF). This will enable a first understanding of the client’s wishes and qualifications, and provide an indication which specialist to involve, most commonly a seasoned Asset Manager (AM).

After discussing with the client, we then assist the client with a formal request required to open formal communications with the selected specialist. The formal request entails a standard KYC submission document, either for private individuals or corporate entities, along with, for added clarity, a client Letter of Intent (LOI). The AM will review and then engage with the client and/or his legal advisor to get a full and proper understanding of the client's situation and suggest a solution.

A Sufficiently Documented Letter of Intent

Because there are many possible Selling Groups the AM can turn to with each their own queries and entry-level requirements, the AM needs the client to be as clear as possible in his request. We obviously assist in this process.

Aspects to address in the LOI:

  • What purpose the client has for the transaction to enable the AM to see if he can expedite that desired outcome using other resources than the client is expecting.
  • The client’s expectations regarding procedure and pricing. These will point towards a certain category of offers that will have their own entry-level requirements and pricing ranges. Generally speaking, if a client is expecting extremely low prices which points towards a certain group of sellers that require a Funds First procedure, but on the other hand he expects a DVP process, this will then lead to a mismatch between client expectations and market reality.
  • The financial resources the client has at his disposal, in terms of cash and/or active credit line, or possibly a conditionally sanctioned credit line which is to be activated subject to delivery and verification of the collateral instrument (usually SBLC).

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CMW's specialist partners are seasoned Asset Managers, who engage with qualified Clients directly to discuss and structure Client-tailored solution suggestions after receiving the Client's Formal Request via a KYC General Submission Set.

Contact us in the first instance via our contact form, or by email info@cmwconsultants.com.

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